Thursday, 20 September 2012

Idle Toil

Idle Toil is the name of my 'publishing house', the entity through which my books are published. You will have seen the Idle Toil logo if you looked at the PDF in the last post. Currently, it looks like the example to the right. The idea that the name could be split up in this way was part of the thinking behind it's choosing; it came when I was doodling the logo and the name simultaneously in my sketch book. It has some obvious reasoning behind it. There is the similiarity of the second syllables allowing (with a little poetic license) the remixed words to be pronounced as homophones. There is also the fact that each couplet of letters is a word (in some language). I also liked the fact that the logo works well as a design element on a page; it is a solid block, broadly symettrical, and has a strong vertical presence. However, there is no reason to just accept the logo (which is after all essentially a first design) as a fait accompli, and there's something a little unsatisfactory about the logo as it currently stands. So, I've tried a few redesigns. I am rather fancying the one in the bottom left.

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  1. Honestly, I think the one you're using right now has the strongest visual impact, and it strikes the best balance with your sort of punk/goth aesthetic without going overboard with it (a concern I've heard you express). The only problem is that TO-LE for toil just... just doesn't work phonetically, like ID-IL does for idle. So I dunno. Bottom left is good, would repeat exo-blogular comments that the "press" element clutters it. Good stuff here, man.