Saturday, 8 September 2012


Another conversation, had a few days back in regards to the earlier posts, and only approved for publication just recently, with another friend.

Another: I think it's quite babble-y, but also think that makes it more accessible
The artist: Yeah
The artist: I think writing for the blog improves my tone and accessibility
Another: I like it, from this lay perspective it shoves you firmly into art, and away from arty farty
The artist: Like, if you see the bit I posted from the book that I wrote in word, it's a bit...
The artist: know, artbollocksy
Another: the Every Black'ning Church Appalls chapter you mean?
The artist: Yus
Another: yeah, I see what you mean
The artist: Needs a reeee-wriiiiite
Another: It's academic, which isn't artbollocksy in my view, academic is it's own bullshit production, I think the problem would be if your or any art became academic, same with any other discipline, they should run parallel, academia is the constant that allows the other to the be interpreted, in its constant state of flux
The artist: One of the key ideas is to be able to mix academic writing, or at least erudite writing, with creative writing, in an artists' book format
The artist: So it's not exactly 'pop', you know what I mean?
Another: "pop" screams "deemed fit for public approval by the media" to me, so thank gods
The artist: I mean in the sense of 'pop science'
The artist: I mean, Brief History of Time is 'pop science'
Another: yeah
Another: in that sense it could become pop
The artist: written for an audience that is intelligent, but might not have a grounding in the terminology
The artist: Or all the other special knowledge you can assume an academic audience for a certain subject might have
Another: you've just said not exactly pop, but that seems to be exactly what you want
The artist: Well
The artist: The reason it's not pop is because of the artist's book format
The artist: Rather than being set out in a conventional way, it's going to be set out in a sort of...I'm loathe to say 'avant-garde'
The artist: Can I anonymise this and whack it up too, btw?
Another: can you send me a copy of it anonymised, so I can see exactly what you want up?
The artist: I quite like the idea of including IM conversations about my work
The artist: Sure
The artist: It's post-modern and whatnot
Another: and what you've said doesn't inhibit non-artist's appreciation
The artist: No, but on the other hand, it's not strictly populist
Another: it's a nice tool, and just springing it on people certainly makes it less structured
Another: and no, not strictly populist, but had the potential to be another example that wider appeal doesn't mean detracting from your work
Another: it needs to be shown more in all areas
The artist: Hmn, how do you mean?
Another: I mean, you want it to be accessible, but you aren't willing to sacrifice the format you want, people are just going to have to deal with it
The artist: Aye
Another: it's a movement again dumbing down for mass audiences
The artist: Well, I'm not sure I'd call it a movement
The artist: it's certainly my own idiosyncracy
Another: meh, you can have a movement of one
The artist: Surely then it's more of an eddy?
Another: no it's the crest
The artist: Oh, now you're just being silly :P
Another: It's allowed :D

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