Thursday, 4 October 2012

A map and a picture

Not much to show, still putting together the page by page plan of the contents. I realised I would need a good map of the island, almost before anything else, so I put this together, which took a lot longer than I expected:

The nice thing about this, of course, is that I have everything now on seperate layers, and can easily use this map as a basis for other maps, or tweak the colours and shading of any element, or remove them completely if I so wish.. I also, I realised, need to add a key, as the red=urban areas particularly is not entirely clear. Progress, anyway.

I also created this image, using a more expressly drawing-related digital style, this is a possible illustration for the first section (Spring):

I'm starting to get some much clearer ideas about the styles I want to employ, and certainly about how I want to use colour. Once the book starts coming together, the marvellous thing about digital images is that they can be altered and re-mixed endlessly. I very much doubt any image posted so far will make it into the final book in its present form.

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