Saturday, 20 October 2012

A slow week.

Posts to this blog have been rather sparse over the last week. Partly that is to do with other drains on my time; mostly it is to do with the kind of work I have been doing for the book, much of which is tedious and unspectacular. I have set myself a small task list for the week, which I have mostly accomplished. By close of play tomorrow, ideally, I will have:-

  • Organised all the files for the project on my computer, and made multiple back-ups (this is done)
  • Finished the excel spreadsheet laying out the book and laid out the skeleton of the book in Adobe Indesign (this is done)
  • Have all the primary photography for the first section completed (this is almost done)
  • Have 10% of the book in a completed or almost completed state (this will amount to 37 pages, and will probably be done)
 The last part has been hampered a little by my choice of what to tackle. Mostly this week, apart from doing the above tasks and chipping away more at some of the written portions of the book, I have been at work on the final versions of the maps that will accompany each of the walks in the first section. I hope to have all of these finished by this time tomorrow; I should have realised from the time it took me to create the large Isle of Wight map that these would be time consuming, but the results will, I think, be pleasing. I have also been working on a number of other images, much helped by the fact that I have made provisional choices for base photographs for all of the first walk. One image is complete so far:

Overall, I am feeling much less anxious about the final deadline than I was this time last week.

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