Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Authorship Doubts

 Another little chat (with the other, not another).

The other: I'm reading the post now
The artist: Excellent
The other: I really like the image
The artist: It's not much, got something more substantial incoming
The other: the Dr. Pepper can looks the same colour as the leaves
The other: it's nifty, I like it
The artist: I was thinking about make it monochrome
The artist: Obviously it really stands out in the original photo
The other: hmm
The artist: But I also like the blurring together
The other: I don't know, I think what you've done here is cleverer
The artist: Aye, I think maybe you're right
The artist: I'll try it out anyway, maybe chuck in a monochrome one for the supporting work
The artist: Bugger me but that picture took ages
The other: I can imagine
The artist: I'm being a bit conservative with the time because I'm embarassed
The artist: and also because I did a lot of it whilst watching TV or something
The other: it's really beautifully done
The artist: Thanks
The other: I think I like it best of all the images you've posted
The other: I really liked the prison with the deep grass filling the bottom of the picture, as well
The artist: Well, I think often with pictures we respond to a value assessment based on how much time it took
The artist: Or we think it took
The artist: time/effort/skill
The other: aye?
The artist: I think so
The other: hmm
The other: I suppose
The artist: Something that is well made, finished to a high standard, or took a long time seems instantly more relatable, more authentic
The artist: I generally work on something I call 'conversational aesthetics'
The artist: the idea that art is a form of communication, a conversation between artist and viewer, and what makes good art are its social qualities, things that we might value in a conversation, depending on our own personalities or desires at a particular time
The artist: Authenticity or rather truthfulness, candor and honesty, is a very important and common one, and anything that enhances that is going to be a commonly prized aesthetic quality
The other: I see
The artist: I hope this makes sense, I think I stole it from somewhere but I can't remember where
The other: no, it does
The artist: Good
The artist: Is it alright if I post some of this conversation, anonymised?
The artist: Haven't done that in a while, need to keep it up
The artist: My supervisor thinks I write both sides of the conversation
The other: haha
The artist: Quick, say something only you would know
The other: my dad's third wife was my favourite
The other: and once my brother got into trouble for banging on the floor above his study
The artist: Proof!
The other: but it was really her
The other: helping him do pull ups from the chandelier
The artist: Of course, since your identity is unknown
The artist: *shrug* 
The other: maybe they'll just think you're fun and creative with dialogu?

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