Monday, 19 November 2012

Some more poetry

This week gone has been mostly about writing, and a bit of drawing. The poetry for the Autumn section is becoming very interesting, allowing me to make associations that I have been struggling to make otherwise.

The Channel

The channel surges like a bellows
Pumping daily oceans;
The heartbeat of the earth
Artery clogged, failing.
Calcification, ancient lands submerged
Sunken bells tolling and toiling
Dunwich, Lyonesse, Blackgang
Disappearing world…
Floating world…
Donated by the grateful people of Japan.

See then this:
A great wave
Rolling across the infinite Atlantic
The distant tropical drumming;
Wireless communication.

Cliffs like teeth.
The wires running through them
Ready to be pulled
Out, taut, off.
The bones of time revealed.

Expanding outward
The circle, the centre
Contracting inwards,
The centre, the circle
Wheel and web
Coast and network;

A boundary of nothing.
A house on the borderland.
A gate on the bridge.
A line in the sand.
But still, the great wave

Tomorrow I shall be making the second of the autumn section walks. This will mark the completion of more than half of the photography.

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