Saturday, 8 December 2012

Island Occultism

The idea of a Ley Line network on the Island is not something that only I have been interested in. There's always strange things to be found in the occult corners of the internet. Here's a few little things that my researches have thrown up.

"Isle of Wight ley grid held a few surprises not least the correlation with the now infamous GP triangle of 51.5 degrees, which seems to be involved in most consciousness grids to date found around vortex points.

Was the Great Pyramid laid out with knowledge of sacred / holistic ratios and the interactive properties of the 51.5 degree triangle with hex and pentagonal geometry ?

…. starting to look that way…. I believe it to be a message in stone for our time.

Geometry is geometry…it isn’t polarized to any belief system…I do however believe its properties can influence what it is fronting especially if it is in holistic proportion to the Earth and Universe in general. Holistic geometric systems are installed in the mechanics of our Solar system and beyond. Venus for example makes 5 alignments with the Earth and sun creating a regular penta in the heavens.

There is a grand design…the Universe is not chaos, it is structured and ordered to mathematical principles. So why should it be considered 'off the wall' to suggest that these same patterns /codes may be mirrored in the landscape, just as it is in nature…through the snowflake,honeycomb and numerous hexagonal and pentagonal flora…… above, so below.

Isle of Wight ley mechanics and its associated consciousness system is deeply implanted in the Isle of Wight landscape… much so it mocks us with the naming of specific points. Just west of the main axis, which follows the river Medina in towards the central vortex, a land point can be noted called ‘Egypt point’"

One notable thing from this site: the identified site of the Isle of Wight's 'cental vortex' is...the roundabout just down the road from my house.

You can't make this stuff up. These are the odd 'synchronicities' that make investigations into the occult such a fascinating and slippery topic.

Of course, the Island's most famous 'modern' occult connection is the residence of messianic conspiracist David Icke. In this video, produced for Vice magazine, Icke claims that he first understood the 'real nature' of the world (a gnostic-style simulation or illusion, without true substance) whilst in the 'Platform Fun' gift shop by the train station at the base of Ryde Pier.

Icke is infamous for a number of things, particularly his theory that, as the Sun memorably put it "we're all holograms ruled by reptiles", that is to say that many prominent people (such as the Queen, Barack Obama and George W. Bush) are in fact shape-shifting vampire reptiles from the star system Alpha Draconis. Icke has more localised conspiracy theories though, as he reveals in this piece about the Isle of Wight.

"I started a pressure group with others called Island Watch to challenge the worst of the planning applications. It wasn't a case of stopping development, but what kind of development and where.

This is when I first realised that the Freemasons control the Isle of Wight on a massive scale. Freemasonry is at the centre of what is known locally as the 'Island Mafia'.


But had he been the greatest politician in history he would have struggled in the face of the 'Island Mafia', a corrupt coalition of Freemasons, lawyers, very dodgy business people, drug runners and dealers, paedophiles and Satanists. Nice people.

How do they get away with it? The Isle of Wight (Freemasonic) police force is one of the most corrupt in Britain and the main local media is controlled by the Freemasons."

I would not disagree with the criticism of local police and business interests as corrupt, though I perhaps wish they were anything as interesting as child-abusing satanists. The truth is always more banal. This, of course, is the attraction of the occult and its narratives. Even somewhere like the Isle of Wight can become deeply, deeply weird.

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