Thursday, 20 December 2012

More selected poems and images.

The work ploughs on, with some major tweaks in the overall content and layout which I shall hopefully be able to go in to more detail about later. In order to keep things moving here, here's a selection of some of the more recent poems and images from the book.

Meeting the Sea

We are going to meet the sea
(Any minute now)
The river is preparing for it
Robing itself in white sailcloth
Stubbing out its cigarette
In the ashtray mounted upon
The wall

The river advances
Into the mouth
Like the barrel of a gun
It turns, it gives a wave
And the sea,
Drinks it whole


The child looked confused:
“Wouldn’t it sound better,
If you made it out of words?”
She asked, plaintively

Fantasy Homes

This land is your land
You have made it
Named it and mapped it
Walked it and driven it
You have driven up the land
And you have let in the sea

This land is my land
It is the atlas of my soul
I have recorded it and analysed it
Celebrated it and eulogised it
I have woven it into dreams
And I have dreamed it into life

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